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Eclecctic Downtown PDX Wedding - with the best signs!

This was one of the most stand-out, unique weddings from 2022—every detail was so intentional and thought out and brought an amazing event together seamlessly! When Christina originally reached out to me, she described her vision as "classic but also heavy boho", from there, I would say it evolved to have almost funky and very one-of-a-kind vibes including signs illustrating their ceremony rituals such as the San San Kudo, and Tea Ceremony.

Opting for unique shapes and colors, really made this wedding feel different - in the most fun and personal way possible. This is the biggest reminder that your wedding should be 100% about you and your partner as a couple; choose the traditions you love, leave the ones you don't, and make your own! We also need to take a minute to thank the couple for even including a "vendor team" sign, listing out all the individuals and companies that made their wedding day so special. As a vendor, this is when you know you found YOUR client - so much love to Andrew and Christina for this!

These signs had some of the most challenging details I have ever hand-painted on acrylic - especially being from customs and traditions I am not familiar with. Working with Christina was a joy in that everything was extremely detailed so I knew what to include for each ritual, and of course their beloved pup! I have oddly had many Shiba Inu's included on signs the past couple of years, they are so stunning to illustrate.

The other piece that really made this wedding so special was working with a killer team. Morgan Harris of Morgan Harris Events was very much involved in the creation of the look and feel of the signage as well as problem-solving in terms of having so many statement signs in a relatively intimate venue space. The whole team really brought their A-game, and Allison Harp captured everything beautifully!

Venue: @blockhousepdx AND @pomariusnursery

Catering: @cravecatering

Photography: @allisonharp

Planner: @weddingplannermorgan 

Floral: @wildflower_portland

Officiant: @rootedandwildpdx

Rentals: @partyplacepdx

Signage: @lettersandust

MUAH: @kaylanicolebeauty

Dessert: @dreamcakespdx @1927smores

Bride: @stinaogle

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