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Unique invitation design is our specialty, we love creating one of a kind designs to reflect the personality of our couples. In addition to invitation suites, we also produce beautiful day f details to carry your vision seamlessly throughout your event including menus, place cards, programs and more. We can also carry your invitation design throughout your signs, incorporating the same fonts and style but on luxury materials such as mirrors, acrylic and even fabric!

To learn more about our invitation process, as well as decide the right package option for you, download our educational packet here:



LettersAndDust _ Custom Invitations _ Portland Oregon

Semi-custom invitations are

pre-designed, where your information (and sometimes the printing color) are the only things that are able to be customized. These designs can be used for many different couples, making the price point significantly lower than going the fully custom route. The benefits of semi-custom suites are a lower price point, they tend to be more quickly produced, and there are still many add-ons options to give them a more custom feel such as adding wax seals, belly bands, vellum overlays, etc. 


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Fully custom invitations are completely unique, designed especially for you and your fiancé to reflect your unique love story. Opting for custom invitations includes consultations, rounds of revisions and lots of communication to create exactly what you are envisioning for your big day. Custom designs can take months to design, which is typically dictated by your decisiveness as well as our ability to bring your vision to life, but they’re definitely worth the wait! Bear in mind that communication is a huge part of the timeline for custom invitations, so be prepared to chat with us via email frequently and the faster your response time, the faster production will move. 


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As much as we all love the tangible feeling of opening beautiful mail and paper pieces, the reality is that the wedding industry creates huge amounts of waste. That is why beginning in 2020, L&D will be offering completely digital invitation design starting at $250—with no production costs, so it is also a budget friendly option. If you need help wrapping your head around this concept, we are happy to walk you through it and can also produce limited physical copies as keepsakes for family members.   


The inspiration gallery above is a tiny offering of our complete suites, message us with your general style or design ideas and we can curate a selection of our semi-custom options for you.


Coordinating day of printed / hand lettered goods can really bring a fully branded approach to your wedding—we can custom design menus, place cards, programs, and escort cards to give your guests that extra special experience and appreciation of attention to detail


Ready to talk details? Fill out the contact form below to start the conversation about your dream invitations! We strive to respond as quickly as possible, but please allow 3-5 days for an answer during peak wedding season (May-August).

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