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3, 2, 1 Blastoff! 2nd Birthday Party

My son has been planet-obsessed from about the time he could speak. He knows them all in order, and even the dwarf it was a no0brainer that his second birthday needed to be outer space/planet themed. We had a larger party planned, but thanks to cold and flu season it turned into a more intimate celebration, but we still went all out on the decor and the kiddos loved it!

I ordered the majority of the decor on Amazon-which you can shop here to find. One thing I like to do is order multiple balloon garland sets, and then let my friend Amy, with Johnston Style, work with them to make something more unique and trendy. Amy completely outdid herself with the welcome balloon display! I used some of my own backdrop inventory for the welcome display and the favor station and then added planets everywhere.

We also had the pleasure of Liz with Sugar Geek Show making the most delicious and awesome planet cake I have ever seen! Truly out of this world, and every kiddo wanted to try to eat a planet...we brushed teeth many times that evening, haha! We weren't able to get professional photos but everything turned out amazing.

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