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Schitt's Creek Theme 1st BDAY!

My baby girl Luna was born in January of 2020—about 12 weeks before COVID 19 really hit the US and the shut downs began. She is my first child and as a new mom, it was a bit rough to be home 24/7 with a new baby—I wanted to take her out to see the world! We did go on walks, but the majority of the time was spent at home. When she was only a month or so old, I would watch Schitt's Creek white she was nursing or just being a snoozy newborn—I don't know if it was all the black and white outfits, or Moira's voice, but something about it always caught her attention.

Fast forward a year, we are still in quarantine—but this little lady needed to be celebrated; I needed to celebrate her. So we arranged a smash cake photoshoot, Schitt's Creek style. I made all the signs, and the balloon garland as well as picked her outfit. By far my favorite was a tiny leather jacket with custom art for her, and the stuffed crow—do you have any idea how hard it is to find a stuffed crow? She's a sassy little soul and the Moira vibes made me so happy.

I have lovely, amazingly talented friends who made this possible: all photos by DRB photography, and the David sweater inspired cake by Just a Dash—it was banana with vanilla buttercream and she LOVED it.

So glad we could give you a happy birthday Luna girl, your second bday is going to be a rager complete with all our family and friends!

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